Routes and Maps

Street Map

Official street map of Tolox. Includes historical review of streets, urban routes on foot, by car and interurban. Locate the closest shops, public services, City Hall and points of interest in the town.


Tolox belongs to the Sierra de las Nieves region, which is located in the western part of the Province of Malaga. Its exact latitude is 36.68674, longitude -4.904676 and altitude 305 meters above sea level.

Art Tolox Route

The Art Tolox Route runs through each of the works of art that have been made throughout all the editions of the International Meeting of Artists ‘Art Tolox’ that is held every year in the municipality.


The works that are made in the different editions remain permanently exhibited in the streets of Tolox. So art takes over every corner of this white town.

Local Trails Maps

Tolox is discovered while walking. Enjoy it step by step, without haste, through its wide network of trails, approved and marked, that connect and communicate the territory, showing the insides and most hidden secrets of it.


Natural spaces that house very well preserved areas and a great diversity of landscapes and ecosystems.

SL-A 228
Cruz del Padre Ventura

It is a very popular route, traveled by both residents of Tolox and visitors. It runs along a path that goes up to a dominant hill, from where there are magnificent panoramic views of the town, the Guadalhorce Valley and the Sierra de Tolox, the main massif of the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park.

SL-A 229
Río de los Horcajos

The path climbs from the car park next to the Fuente Amargosa spa towards Alto de la Cuesta, although later we will turn off towards the Puerto de las Golondrinas lane, passing next to the Cerro de Híjar hotel. A little higher up the Puerto del Monte. From that point, the view opens to the valley of the river de los Horcajos and the main peaks of the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park.

SL-A 238
Virgen de las Nieves

It is one of the classic routes of Tolox, since it connects the town with the place of the Virgen de las Nieves hermitage, a place of leisure and recreation located in a suitable pine forest with benches, tables and fountains. The entire path runs close to the Alfaguara or Los Horcajos rivers, along with the orchards, terraces and old hydraulic mills.

SL-A 239
Charco de la Virgen

The path always runs close to the banks of the Río de los Caballos, which is reached by a short downhill path from the side of the Fuente Amargosa spa. On the way, you pass by various cultivated fields watered by ditches from the Nasrid period; all under the framework of the steep slopes of the Sierra Parda de Tolox, composed of a rock of igneous origin called peridotite.

PR-A 282
Las Cascadas

We will go around the headwaters of the Los Caballos river, made up of three main streams: Palmarejo, Horcajuelos and La Rejía; these last two are equipped for their descent as sports canyons. The beginning passes next to the monument to the mountain goat. On the way we cross the left bank of the Valley of the Horses, passing through the ravines.

Stage GR 243 Yunquera -Tolox

This path, which corresponds to stage 3 of the GR 243, called Sierra de las Nieves, connects the towns of Yunquera and Tolox. With Rio Grande as a companion, with the constant presence of reeds and reeds, we will pass through hills covered with typical Mediterranean vegetation of native forests and through valleys where we will see how the orchards and citrus fields flourish.