Tolox could be considered one of the most beautiful landscape spaces in southern Spain that to its numerous ravines, exuberant farms, mighty rivers, waterfalls, impressive cliffs and mountain passes. Whether you are passionate of hiking, an active traveler in search of adventure or a fan of disconnection tourism, you will find in Tolox an exceptional refuge.

Embraced by nature

The location of Tolox, in the heart of the Sierra de las Nieves National Park, will allow you to live varied experiences in contact with nature. Numerous trails start from this municipality to enter the national park. You can enjoy nature discovering amazing places either walking, in 4×4 vehicles, mountain bike or on horseback.


In spring the rivers flow down from the Sierra de las Nieves and it is the best time to practice canyoning and enjoy the most popular waterfalls such as the Salto de la Regía. From Tolox you can also practice other sports in contact with nature such as via ferrata, mountaineering or descending into deep and mysterious caves.


The municipality of Tolox belongs to the Sierra de las Nieves region and two thirds of its territory is located in the Sierra de las Nieves National Park, the third largest national park in Andalusia. In 1989, the Tolox mountains were declared Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park and biosphere reserve due to their rich landscape and ecological value. Its location, in the heart of the Sierra de las Nieves National Park, makes this village an exceptional place to explore its trails and enjoy nature.


The imposing peak of La Torrecilla, the highest in Western Andalusia, is located within the municipality of Tolox and through its territory flow mighty rivers such as Los Caballos, Rio Verde and Los Horcajos that make up pools and waterfalls to throughout its entire journey.


The Barranco de la Rejía located in the Sierra Parda de Tolox stands out, where the waterfall of the same name is located and which is the highest in the province of Malaga with a fall of more than fifty meters in length. From the Balnerario of Tolox there is a path that runs along one of the slopes of the Caballos river valley and through some points from where you can see a good panoramic view of the waterfall. Contact with the water is only possible through canyoning practice. An activity that you can enjoy thanks to Aventurate Sierra de las Nieves, a local agency specialized in active tourism and activities in contact with nature.


Through the Route of the Waterfalls you will also reach the Charco de la Virgen, although smaller than the Salto de la Regía, you can go under this waterfall and enjoy a bath in the transparent waters of its pool. The walk does not last more than an hour from the Tolox Spa and it is recommended to do it during the spring and autumn when the rivers of Tolox descend loaded with water and pure life from the Sierra de las Nieves.

Tolox is also home to one of the most important fir forests in the national park located on the slopes of Cerro Corona and which can be accessed from the Cañada de las Carnicerías. This area stands out for the reddish color of the peridotite rocks whose origin dates back to Tertiary times.


The environmental value and the variety of landscapes of Tolox also make this municipality a privileged destination for the observation of birds that inhabit the banks of its rivers, in its fields or that return every year to reproduce or winter on the migratory routes that cross the Sierra de las Nieves. It is not difficult to find species such as the short-toed eagle, the sparrowhawk or the bee-eater on a walk along the trails that start from Tolox, or to come across a specimen of mountain goat, chameleons, small shrews, skunks or otters. Examples of fauna that are one more example of the ecological wealth of this destination in the interior of the province of Malaga.


As part of the Sierra de las Nieves region, Tolox and its surroundings were recognized by the European Union as an EDEN destination (Tourist Destination of Excellence) and recognized with the world ecotourism award from the SKAL International association.

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Sustainable experiences

In this charming white village located in the heart of the Sierra de las Nieves, many traditional activities related to agriculture and livestock are still alive. Some experience tourism companies such as Aventurate Sierra de las Nieves offers you the opportunity to enjoy agrotourism and gastronomic tourism experiences. Visits to farms, organic kitchen gardens, workshops for the production of artisan products such as cheese, olive oil and wine tastings from the region or cooking courses of traditional Andalusian gastronomy are available throughout the year.

Participating in one of these sustainable experiences is a different way of living in contact with nature and locals. You will travel to the origin of the products of local gastronomy, contributing to the conservation of biodiversity and the traditions of Tolox and the Sierra de las Nieves.